Take a peek behind the capes – SUPER SUITS

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I’m always wondering… When I watch this or other masked heroes on a big screen throwing a car or kicking their vilanous nemesis through a row of office buildings, I can’t help to think about those very mundane matters and consequences. Like, are they even insured? Who’s paying for all of that?! How do you shave if you have laser eyes? And how on earth are they all not just using their destructive talents in a bank, post office, traffic jam or teacher-parent conference? Luckily we may now get at least some answers, thanks to our friends from Faustian Nonsense!

Super Suits is an audiodrama that came out this year, and it continues recent trend of deconstructing the superhero mythos. But insead of gritty, grimy, mucky and bloody stories that we know from “The Boys”, “The Wathmen” and various adjacent shows (which I love, don’t get me wrong), we get a witty, freaky and crazy tongue in cheek comedy. Not only expect tons of delicious gags, loads of clever wordplay, hysteric puns and of course unbelievable amount of easter eggs.

Production value is excellent, the sheer ammount of research that was done for the show is really impressive. And the cast! We get an ensemble of great voice actors, and people who are probably known to every audiodrama junkie. My favourite so far is probably Rebecca Hansson, who plays L.O.I.S., a specialized law firm AI, and has surprised me with her joke delivery more than once.

If you want to meet Mx Harper Hallo, a nonbinary law student whose summer internship becomes something way bigger, as well as sarcastic AI, platonic roomies who argue like a real old couple, not-at-all vampire lawyer with a fascinating backstory, and many more extraordinary people, and if you are looking for some harmless fun and a light listen, Super Suits is the thing for you.

What really matters the most for me, is that it is a story of my favourite kind. Story that is dressed up as a fantastic, wacky adventure, but in reality is about growing, facing your family’s expectations, not making assumptions… It’s a story about people and connections.

I listened on Spotify, and you can listen to it anywhere great podcasts can be found.






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